Huuuge Announces new publishing partnership: Time Master

Huuuge, a global producer and publisher of free-to-play mobile games, has signed a new publishing

partnership. The company has added the game Time Master to its portfolio, developed by FireFog.

“We are not slowing down in 2022, and are continuing to invest in building and growing new productions,” said Anton Gauffin, Founder and CEO of Huuuge. “We’re thrilled to have signed a publishing agreement for Time Master, a hybrid social casino game developed by the prized and experienced team at FireFog. Since the game’s launch at the beginning of 2021, the team have seen significant validation of their product from users, with an average review score of 4.7/5 on the Google Play Store.”

Time Master allows players to travel through various locations in order to win coins and collect other resources. The game provides for highly engaging and social play, combining casino and casual features delivered with graphically appealing production.

Jon Bellamy, EVP Strategy & Investment at Huuuge, said: “We have been impressed with Time Master’s initial KPIs and the depth of its meta-game elements, including social. We strongly believe in the product and are excited to grow it in partnership with the FireFog team.”

Taras Shulika, Founder and CEO of FireFog, said: “In the fast-growing genre of hybrid casino games it’s important to be innovative. In cooperation with an experienced partner like Huuuge, we will continue to develop our great game in order to further entertain our players with exciting new features, lots of new levels, and a friendly community around the game.”


Anton Gauffin stated, “With this deal, we reinforce our intention to sign one publishing contract per quarter.”

In 2021 Huuuge was very active in this area, signing four publishing contracts. Additionally, the Huuuge portfolio has been expanded to include its own games such as Brink of Mayhem (a unique mobile shooter game), Gatherers (a social co-op shooter game), and Rogue Land (an enchanted journey through lands with treasures, dungeons, and adventures).

Huuuge has been executing against its “Build & Buy” strategy for years. Under this strategy, Huuuge focuses on the pillars of:

  • Internal game development
  • Growth through publishing
  • M&A.